It’s been said that change will take 21 days to settle into the neurology to make it permanent.

I am not sure if I believe in this number. I do know that for some people, change might be faster and for some, it might take longer.

But what I do know is that most people don’t like change. We are all designed to maintain sameness, and maintain the same routines day-in-day-out.

You see, sometimes we decide that we want to change a habit. We might decide to start exercising because we want to live healthier and become fitter and slimmer. We are surprised that it actually works as we continue our workouts – we lose weight and feel better.

We are happy, we continue. But suddenly, there is this one moment where we just sigh and say to ourselves “I don’t want to work out today. I just don’t want to sweat anymore. I just want to laze for a day. But tomorrow, tomorrow, I am back at the gym. For sure.”

And just before this happens, we often feel tired, exhausted, lethargic. It’s hard to go to the gym, to keep the momentum up, to push more.

It’s a sign from the unconscious mind, the last scream, “hey you are changing, I’m scared, just stop, let’s go back to our old habits, I want to feel safe again.”

How many of you feel like this right now.

After, what, 40 days of MCO, you, I, many of us feel tired and exhausted and the walls are coming down.

You could see the result last Monday when the shops opened up again.

How many of you ran out and ate your Briyani? Went to the mall?

Didn’t wear the Facemask? You just fall back on to your old behavior, and you ignored all the changes you had initiated earlier.

Let me tell you that you just undid what you had managed so far under MCO.

It is OK to fall back – we all fail in our own drive – but it is important to be aware of it consciously.

So now it’s the time of your decision.

Do you want to continue on your journey to change or do you want to fall back to the old knew that that was before MCO.

The world will never be the same. We might long for the same life as we had before. Forget it.

Because the thing is – while your mind screamed at you and asked you to go back to your old habit, what if it was just the last scream before the change. What, if you soooo incredibly close to your change?

This last push, before the real change, is often the hardest. But most likely the most rewarding. Because you made it.