Our names are Andreas and Najwa, your Certified NLP-, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy-, Time Line Therapy(®)- and NLP Coach Trainers. While we train and coach mainly in Malaysia, we have conducted training in China, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. Contact us now, to see, how we can help you as well.


Our names are Andreas and Najwa, your Certified NLP-, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy-, Time Line Therapy(®)- and NLP Coach Trainers. We are the founders and main trainers in Asia Mind Dynamics, a company operating in Malaysia, which expands in Cambodia and Vietnam.


The Origin Of Asia Mind Dynamics (as narrated by Andreas)

To introduce you to Asia Mind Dynamics is to share with you the story of behaviours, mindset changes, obstacles and performance. And the story of us, Andreas and Najwa, on how we learned to experience and appreciate the different tools of the mind.

Throughout my life, I, Andreas attempted to assist entities, institutions, governments, universities and companies to overcome problems and develop solutions.  In my studies and during my initial career, I analysed, studied and worked in slum and squatter areas of Sri Lanka, and West Africa.  During my work, people told me, how hard it is for them to make a living, and even harder to make desired changes to create a different life. But interestingly, they were often very happy, so still frustrated with the limited options available to them.

I came to Malaysia in 1993 while working with the UNDP at the Economic Planning Unit of the Prime Minister’s Department.  I was part of a programme called The National Spatial Development Plan.

Upon completion of the project, Najwa, who is my wife and partner, and I migrated to Indonesia.  Working with a regionally operating market research company, I established a successful Business-to-Business Market Research Department. The objective was to assist companies to successfully penetrate the Indonesian market.

After Indonesia collapsed in 1998 during the Asian crisis, Najwa and I moved, with our newly born son Nabil to Singapore. Here, I assisted an American market research firm in their efforts to establish their business across Asia Pacific.

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Upon our return to Malaysia in 2000, I, Andreas, worked with a HR Consulting Firm where I, amongst others, initiated and participated in the Best Employers in Asia Studies. This study attempts to identify characteristics of what distinguishes a Best Employer from Other Companies in companies across the Asian region.

Additionally, I worked with the consultants in their business development efforts as well as participated in some large-scale merger and acquisition and change management projects.  Many times, people became disillusioned with the little progress that was made during the projects.

Technically, everything seemed okay, but behavioural change was seen as much harder for the people involved.

After this stage in my career, I continued working with a market research company, working at a global tracking project for a leading supplier of mobile phones. The success of this project was crucial to the growing market strength of the client.

Najwa had a very different story, and she always tried to identify the strength of and work with the power of the unconscious mind.

Her search brought her in contact with many disciplines that she studied intensively and were she acquired many certifications. But somehow, it didn’t work out as well, as different methodologies seemed to contradict each other, or that it seemed that something was missing. The crucial element – the working of the Unconscious Mind.

Opening and Operating Asia Mind Dynamics

At that stage in my career, I was frustrated with the efforts that behavioural change seemed to be so hard to initiate and maintain.

And Najwa was frustrated that her search for the diamond of change and power of the unconscious mind didn’t create the results that she was seeking.

And by chance, both of us came across a short course on NLP in 2003.

Somehow throughout the course, we both realised that we found what it takes to help people and companies initiate changes at the mindset level and to even maintain the changes. And also to make changes within ourselves to finally create our best life ever.

Subsequently, we registered and opened Asia Mind Dynamics in 2004.

Both of us embarked on becoming Trainers and Master Trainers of NLP, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, NLP Coaching and Time Line Therapy® Techniques. As we got certified in these tools from different but most reputable boards, we began to offer Certification Programmes to interested parties in late 2005.

Initially, it wasn’t easy. NLP wasn’t known in the market. When we introduced us to other people as NLP Trainers, people always looked at us with eyes wide open, and they tried to repeat, what we just said. “What is NLP?”

At that time, many people believed NLP had something to do with computer programming language. And when we mentioned that we certified trainers of hypnotherapy, some covered their eyes, and asked us to not look into their eyes. A few who knew these tools didn’t believe in them, labelled it as brainwashing, or stated that only conman would use the tools.

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Asia Mind Dynamics was a pioneer in the Malaysian market in training people in NLP Certification Programmes.  And while it was tough initially, we succeeded.

And it has been a long journey since, of personal and professional change.

Now, we are proud to say that Asia Mind Dynamics has developed a strong and positive reputation of creating lasting change for our participants, as many successful trainers and coaches, students, managers, executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs and even politicians have participated in Asia Mind Dynamics’ NLP training and coaching activities.

We are happy about our achievement. 

Altogether, we roughly have been trained over 8,000 hours to reach our current level. And we have been certified by the most reputable boards providing the highest standards and quality.

This is important to us, as we incorporate our learning into all of our training.

And our participants are in the position to create their own success. They are able to replicate success, over and over again. Moreover, they are able to transfer the learning to others around them and coach others to overcome their limitations and reach their goals. It is all about magnificence, relationship and sharing.

We are proud of our participants and students, who went on to become bestselling authors, internationally recognised speakers, outstanding leaders, millionaires, they aced the promotion, became better communicators, and simply found themselves knowing who they are.

Watch the video below to see how some of our participants created their life after participating in our Certification Programmes.

Our International Relations

May be it is not so relevant to you, but our training programs are recognised by the following institutions and organisations:

Shelle Rose Charvet of Success Strategies, the main promoter of the Language and Behaviour – Words That Change Minds Profile (LAB Profile)

Human Resources Development Board or HRDF in Malaysia (HRDF)