The Asia Mind Dynamics NLP and Time Line Therapy® Training Difference

Why Become a Certified NLP- and Time Line Therapy® Practitioner With Asia Mind Dynamics?

There are many reasons why you want to learn NLP,  and Time Line Therapy® with Asia Mind Dynamics, and here are just some of the more obvious ones:

The Most Complete Certified NLP, Time Line Therapy® Practitioner  Training. Our Certified NLP Practitioner Training and Time Line Therapy® Practitioner training is the most comprehensive and intensive training in Malaysia and Asia Pacific!! To complete your Certified NLP Practitioner Training, you spend 8 days with us. Following successful completion of this, you join our Certified  Time Line Therapy® Practitioner training – an additional 2 days with us. These 10 days are broken into 3 distinct modules spread across 3 weeks.

Our NLP and Time Line Therapy® training is longer because we give you the time to explore the different techniques and how they apply to you. You are learning at your own pace. You don’t get rushed because you put the learning into your muscle and we don’t take shortcuts to your experience.  This ensures that you fully understand the techniques of NLP and how to apply it in your life after the training. Because of this our participants retain their NLP and Time Line Therapy® learning after the training. They know how to apply it in their life. They achieve their goals and create results. We purposely exceed the required quality standards for certification as set by the respective boards in any of our training. No matter which training you chose from us, you know you will be the best Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Time Line Therapy® Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist or Certified NLP Coach.

Your trainers are Certified NLP Trainers from different International Boards of NLP.  You might not know this, but there are different schools and philosophies in NLP around the world.  Najwa, one of your trainers, is a Certified NLP Trainer and has been personally trained by Robert Dilts and Judith Delozier, who run the NLP University (NLP U) in California. Their philosophy is all-inclusive as they believe that NLP is about creating a World where People want to belong to. Robert is a creator of many NLP Techniques and you will experience his techniques and thoughts in our training.  Andreas, your other trainer, is also Certified NLP Trainer, and has been personally trained by Tad James of the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP).  Tad’s mission is to Transform the Planet. You will experience his thoughts and techniques in our NLP Training as well. Additionally, Tad James is the creator of Time Line Therapy® Techniques, so with us, you experience recognised techniques.

You are the center of our Certified NLP, and Time Line Therapy® Training. We adjusted the way we train NLP, and Time Line Therapy®  to make it personal to your needs, challenges and problems.

With us, you don’t just become a Certified NLP Practitioner or Time Line Therapy® Practitioner. You learn the methodologies to incorporate the learning into your life, to create your life the way you want to experience and that you desire and deserve. During and after our training, you can experience real results.

Our NLP Certification is not guaranteed. Why would we do this?  Because you deserve the best.  You want to succeed on your own terms, and you can be proud of yourself when you receive your certificate.  We strive to make you the best, and we know that our students are outstanding in their endeavour. Our NLP graduates know their NLP and apply it in their daily life after the training.  We require your full attention, concentration and participation, because we want you to make your dreams come true.  Through this you will become the best! And the beauty is that once you succeed in our Certified NLP Practitioner Training, you can join our Certified Time Line Therapy® Training for free!

We want you to succeed in our Certified NLP Practitioner Training. And to achieve this, your Certified NLP Practitioner training starts, the moment you sign up. You receive assignments, and exercises before the training, so that you hit the floor running.

Refresh your learning for free, for life. When you succeed in our Certified NLP Practitioner Training, or in any of our other training (Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, LAB Profile etc), you can come back to refresh your knowledge, as many times as you want. Because every time, you will experience new students as well (which would be your juniors), which will enhance your knowledge. This means that you pay only one time but can refresh forever (T&C applies), and you can experience the best training, over and over again, should you chose to. And since we constantly update our training to make it even more relevant in the changing market conditions, you surely want to come back!

Experienced-based training. Najwa and Andreas, each spend about 4,000 hours training in NLP, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy®, the Language and Behaviour Profile and Coaching. This is a long time. And each year, we take more training in mind methodologies, which we then incorporate into the training. We know what works and you experience the best from the world, here in Malaysia, in our training.

Possibly the most experienced Mind Management trainers around. Asia Mind Dynamics and the trainers of Asia Mind Dynamics started to learn and explore NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and  Hypnotherapy in 2003. Over the years, we have trained and coached 1,000s of people in these methodology, many of them are successful after attending our training. While we cannot guarantee results, we know that you deserve the best Certified NLP, Certified Time Line Therapy, Certified Hypnotherapy and Certified NLP Coach Training.

Our NLP training Methodology. We maintain the high standards set by the certifying boards in NLP, and Time Line Therapy®. Our curriculum might look the same as other companies. But we have changed the way we train. It is our methodology that can make you outstanding and that helped many of our students become successful beyond any imagination.  And honestly, we are proud to know that our students are successful, and they take their NLP Certification serious and are dedicated to learning. Check out the video– and written testimonials site to get a feeling, what you can achieve with us.

Join our NLP Community. We are here for you even after your NLP or any other training that you take with us. You can always access us, drop by for a coffee, for a chat, or a discussion. You have the relation with us forever (if you choose to, of course). And you join our Secret FaceBook Group, so you can interact with others, who are with us from the beginning.

Learn The 4th Generation of NLP. There is no unifying philosophy in NLP where all NLP Training companies teach you the same material. It differs, because of historical developments and there are different Boards  certifying NLP Practitioners . Our NLP and Time Line Therapy® Training contains techniques from different schools of thoughts because we believe that you deserve the best. And we provide this, while maintaining the highest standards of quality as set by the different certifying boards.   You see, NLP has been created in the 1970s and many teach material from the 1970s – this is the First Generation of NLP. But it shouldn’t stop there, because this is like driving a car from the 1930s or using a handphone developed in the 1990s. NLP needs to develop especially since there is new research in Social Science, Neurological Research, Behavioural Research and the Science of Influence and Persuasion.

 Asia Mind Dynamics took the step and selectively added new material relevant to your training. This material comes from Neuroscience, and Behavioural and Social Research and it is material taught nowhere else. We do this because we keep ourselves updated with the science of the mind.  Our material is updated to the latest developments, so you get the best out of your NLP experience that you can use in any area of your life.

We call it “NLP – The 4th Generation. Taught by Asia Mind Dynamics.”

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