Hypnosis Videos

Here are some videos taken during our Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Courses in Malaysia. While the skills demonstrated by the participants are astonishing, it is not that they are zonked out or out of control.

And if they, for example, cannot remember numbers, think about, how this is a skill that is useful in your normal life.

Imagine, when you want to reach a goal. Normally, we think of all kinds of problems, when we develop a goal and why it is tough to reach – most of the limitations are made up in the mind, right?

Or someone might just forget their anxiety, or panic, and go about creating their normal life.

Now, knowing hypnosis, you can forget the problems that you created in your mind, and just start working on your goals or recreate your life. And that is the amazing ability you can learn with us.

Demonstrating a Variety of Hypnotic Phenomena

Demonstrating Hypnotic Phenomena – Arm Catalepsy

Hypnosis and Arm Catalepsy and what it means to you

Full Body Catalepsy

Forgetting Numbers

Hypnotic Phenomena – Anesthesia (Numbness)

Handpress Induction