#Rapport had a major impact on my life. I achieved much instantly after I knew the secrets of building rapport in 10 seconds or less.

Rapport building techniques helped me to get buy-in anywhere anytime. To overcome resistance. To #influence others at subtle levels and get a chance to get myself heard, when others failed. To put my point across without causing conflict.

Heck, you can use rapport to influence anywhere and all the time. I use it to connect with the waiters in restaurants, the Grab Drivers, my current and future clients – anywhere, all the time. It saves time, energy, and helps to overcome conflicts and misunderstanding.

The second reason is that many times, Rapport is taught wrongly. #NLP got it wrong!!! And those misconceptions still exist. In fact, these misconceptions.

Let me share those misconceptions now:

The Mehrabian Communications Model

People still believe that communication consists of:

  • 55% Body Language
  • 38% Tonality
  • 7% Words

Some people say that it does not matter what you say, because hey, words are only 7% of any communication. Use your tonality or physiology correctly, and you still influence the other person.

Mehrabian Research



This is not to say that body language is not important, but it is impossible to say that words are not important.

And even Meharbian, on whose very limited study this research is built, tries to debunk the numbers!!

Visual – Auditory – Kinesthetic

NLP says that people have a preferred way of processing information and use, how they think, in their language.

So far so good. I am with NLP on this level.

But many people also label others. “You are a visual person.” “You are an auditory person.” “Oh, you like to touch. You are a kinesthetic person.” There might be some truth to it, but it depends on the situation. And it is NOT about labeling people as such. It is about becoming flexible. This means that I, as a communicator, need to be flexible in my communication style, and address a person who communicates differently the way they want to be communicated to (can you follow?).


Eye Accessing Cues


Matching And Mirroring

People say that to influence people through rapport, you need to Match and Mirror the other person’s physiology and their way of communicating. Basically, it invites you to assimilate the other person’s movement.

Matching and Mirroring is powerful.

But do you realise that those that argue and fight with each other, oftentimes also Match and Mirror each other? In body language, tonality and words? Think about your last conflict.

Still, I believe in Matching and Mirroring.

But I have gone a step beyond that in my training.

And found a way – discovered more than 70 years ago, that helps you to instantly create the liking that you require.

It is possible to create a positive first impression in 1/10 of a second.

Imagine, you could influence a person without speaking a word to them, before they greet you, by looking at you alone.

Instant Rapport is possible.

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