The Inner Voice Inside

My parents were worried for me because while I was great in primary school, I sucked in high school.

I studied Economic- and Social Geography, Politics, and Economics.

They expected me to study “Business Administration”.

They feared for my life when I traveled through Africa. Worked in the so-called 3rd world.

My parents argued inside my head when I opened #asiaminddynamics in 2003.

“Why do you want to run a company?”
“Why not find a job and settle down?”
“Isn’t it safer to get a regular salary?”

I know that they love me and supported me. They simply worried. What will happen to their kid?

They saw my actions through the lens of their life. In their mind, running a business does not run in the family.

“We are a family of employees.”

It was their expectation to step into their shoes.

I am happy with what I am doing. My mum is proud of me. Still worried, and she has no clue about what I am doing in Malaysia and what is #NLP.

Parents expect their kids to do good in school. The teachers push us for better grades. “Society” encourages us to get a well-paid job and work hard.

Nothing wrong with that.

But isn’t it true that we often live our lives because of the expectations of others?

Watch the video and let me know your thoughts.

Never Give Up

Never Give Up