You have, most likely, heard the saying that people get motivated by either Pain or Gain, Carrot or Stick, Reward or Punishment.

In NLP, it is called #AwayFromMotivationn” or #TowardToMotivation.” You are either moving away from something you don’t like or want in your life, or toward something that you desire.

We call it #motivationdrivers.

Often, this is related to projects or situations. Are you motivated because you are scared to lose your job (Away From) or motivated to get promoted (Toward To).

But do you know that this type of motivation also applies to people?

If you don’t like someone in your life, and you really don’t want to hang out around them, you are moving away from that person. If you are drawn toward someone, well, you are motivated by “toward to motivation”.

Can you see, where this post leads you to? Isn’t it true that at least partially, we are moving away from people, right now, during the pandemic?

Watch the video to learn how the pandemic has shifted our perception of other people even in the most normal day-to-day life.

And I share with you what I am really scared of, right now, but also, what I really hope for.

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