How To Motivate Someone Easily Through Just One Question.

Now this would be something, right?

Why not learn something new, now? 

Sooner or later, people will get bored staying at home under the Movement Control Order (#MCO), or social distancing. What better way than to start to learn for the time after the crisis.

Heck, why not learn, how to communicate with impact now? We have Zoom Meetings, Skype Meetings, or mobile phone conversations. We constantly talk, and some talk more now than before.

#learninganddevelopment never stops, in any situation.

Ask yourself – wouldn’t it be useful for you to learn how to influence someone easily?

The Language and Behaviour Profile “Words That Change Minds” is a conversational tool that allows you to listen to the words that someone says in a certain context, and you can predict their behaviour in the future. It is a set of questions that you can easily use in any context. You ask the person this specific question, and the interesting part is the following. You will learn that whatever the person answers, you know HOW they think. What are they focusing on at that specific point of time

The Language And Behaviour Profile tells you HOW someone thinks. And you can learn, HOW to influence someone through the right words. Not your words, but the words that they want to hear. When you learn HOW they think, you can influence them by getting into their head, their mind. It is instant impact and Infinite Influence.

You see, people always say that it is hard to change behaviours. It is hard to motivate people. Change is hard.

No. It is not.

People believe we behave randomly. But we don’t, actually!

We believe we just do our stuff and run a conversation. No, we don’t.

Read on, if you want to know what is actually happening in our mind.

Everything we do, and how we look at the world, and how we react to events around us is determined by “programmes” running at the subconscious level.

And we are not aware of these programmes.

Values, deeply embedded in our minds direct lots of our behaviours, decisions and how we look and interact with the world.

Behaviour is what we see and experience, but everything we do is driven by your subconscious mind.


Values are just one of the programmes that determine, how we behave. Admittingly, a very important programme.

They are just one of the drivers or mental patterns inside of us that determine our motivation.

Values are the yardstick we use to determine, what is right, and what is wrong.

Values motivate us to behave in a certain manner.

I presented to a group of ICF Coaches #ICF last Saturday in an online session and taught them, how easy it is to identify and address these subconscious values in a conversation.

And you can learn this too, if you watch this video below.

Because, imagine, really imagine, how easy it will be when you can activate these unconscious motivation drivers in someone, at will.

It will look like magic.

You can use this with your spouse, your children, your friends, your relatives, your team, your boss.

Watch the video, and enjoy.

(PS: In the end of the video, I made the coaches an offer to purchase the programme at a specific discounted investment. Some of them did. If you are interested, shoot me an email to