How Well Are You Able To Provide Feedback? Or to receive feedback

Do you like feedback? Do you really like it? Serious?

Most people, especially in the corporate world, say, that they like feedback, but honestly ….. do you really?

Isn’t it true that more often than not, we actually prefer to hear what is good about us, and reject, what we don’t agree with?

And true enough, most people don’t quite know, how to give feedback in the first place. Many focus on the person, when giving feedback and not, on the actual conduct.

Elon Musk has a great attitude about Feedback and why feedback is important.

Quote: “Critical feedback is much appreciated

Something to think about………..

Critical Feedback.   There is a lot to say about feedback and how to give feedback.

But let’s just say….. what would happen, if we accept it first, before we reject it?

Assuming that there is some truth in it? And even when the person giving feedback does not give it in an “appropriate” way (what is appropriate, anyway?), isn’t it better, just to assume that there is something about that specific feedback worth considering?

So, next time, when you receive feedback, just listen. Take notes. Don’t say anything. Respect the person. Allow it to happen. Ponder about it. Really reflect about it. May be even assume it to be true? Ask yourself, what would happen, if you would change, according to the person’s statement, and implement the suggestion (assuming it was a suggestion).

Try it out. Let me know……