What is NLP

Since you are interested about NLP, and what NLP is, and how you can learn NLP in Malaysia, allow me to give you a more detailed description.
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About NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.  It is the key so self-mastery.  It is leading yourself to expand your personality, to make a difference and to realize your true potential.

With NLP, you can become aware of the patterns of your thinking and behaviour and actions that make your experience what it is.  You can learn the patterns which work for you and which patterns you have learned over time that sabotage your success and which are outside of your conscious awareness.

NLP provides you with a chance to stand back and take stock of your work, and your life and decide if you like what you are getting.  If so, you can develop choices to have more of the same or even build on what you already have.

Alternatively, it can give you the awareness to recognize the unproductive patterns and do something about them.  This process of uncovering patterns both conscious but especially unconscious, is the heart of NLP.

In effect, it is how we have learnt to program ourselves, whether that be effective or ineffective through the way we think and speak (the Neuro and Linguistics) to get the results that we have right now.

If you, for example, know how you can manage your emotional state to feel confident and self-assured, when you need to, then you have a strategy that works for you.  And if you know how you bring yourself down and make yourself stressed then you begin to have the opportunity to make some new choices and get some new results.

Learning NLP means that you are getting the keys to your mind. To provide you with the ability to make changes at levels, that you couldn’t do before.

NLP is  The User Manual for the Brain.

Defining NLP

NLP – Some Easy Definitions

NLP is the Art and Science of Personal Excellence
NLP is and Attitude and a Methodology leaving behind a Trail of Techniques
NLP provides a User Manual for the Brain

With NLP, you can easily learn:

How excellent people do what they do!
How you can model this behaviour and use it over and over again!
How you can consistently get great results in every situation and whenever you need it!
How to manage your thoughts!
How to understand the people around you better! Their body language, their way of speaking and what it actually means!!
How to become so flexible in your behaviour and language that you are able to master your life!

Let me give you an example of how it works!

You are working at a computer. There are programs running. Let’s assume that you prefer to work with Microsoft or MS Word.

There are plenty of books in bookshops that, if we buy them, we could, theoretically understand 100% of how MS Word actually works.

It would take a bit of time, but well, it is possible. But what do we do, usually?  We have our initial program, and sometimes, when asked, we download an update from the Internet.

Despite all of that we mostly use MS Word and the computer, in the same fashion as we use a typewriter.  We look at the screen and type.  Hardly ever do we understand all the nitty-gritty behind the software.  Sometimes, when the program hangs, we ask friends to help us, or restart the computer.

This is similar to our brains. The fact is however, we don’t get a user manual to the brain when we were born.

We develop our brain while we are growing up.  And, just like a computer, we start installing programs in us (or other people installing programs in us) – these are beliefs, habits, values etc, into something that we call the subconscious or unconscious mind (both are actually the expressions for the same “thing”).

In fact, while we are small, our environment “takes care of the installation.” Parents, relatives, friends, school, TV, and the Internet and more do this for us.  They all are taking care of “forming” our belief system, who we are and how we feel about ourselves.

Just remember the time, when your parents asked you to “finish the food because it is so sad to throw the food away on the plate (I am not saying that this is good!)” or “don’t play outside when it rains, because you will get sick.”

These are belief statements and some are good and some are not so good. But they keep running on and on and on. Sometimes, just like MS Word, or the computer, they hang – and this is when things get worse, because, it is not necessarily easy to stop such a program.

Imagine you were to finish the food on the plate because your parents told you that they then love you so much (and hey, I know you know parents like that!). You are the bad son or daughter, if there is food left over.

Now – after you grew up, this belief is in you – you don’t remember it anymore, but the belief keeps you running in the same pattern.

Ultimately you wonder, why you are not able to lose weight.

And then you just wonder ……

Now, NLP helps you to get to an awareness of those programs and how to get rid of programs that are not useful anymore.

It helps you to understand what is going on in your mind and in the mind of those around you – and actually get rid of programs that don’t work that well, easily and effortlessly.

By just looking at them, will you get to understand the people around you! Can you imagine something more wonderful? Can you foresee how great your relationships will be? How successful you can become?

NLP helps you to understand the way people (and you) process information, make sense of the world around them, and how they going about to achieve what they set out to achieve.  Sometimes it works perfectly, of course, and sometimes, well, it doesn’t or gives you limited results.

But the great part with NLP is that it works – incredibly fast, because NLP, over the years that followed its initialisation, derived techniques for easily and rapidly changing thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and values. The best thing, to repeat, is that it works fast and that the change sticks.

Let’s talk about an example of something that is not that great to have – a phobia.

There are many phobias around, but it doesn’t matter. Something happened a longer time ago, may be you suddenly were alone in the elevator, the door closed too early.  You got scared.  You screamed but there was no one to help you. The elevator moved and you were alone, the whole long ride.  At least, it felt long to you, when you were so very young.  An incredible fear was build up inside of you. Now, to protect you, the mind or better, the subconscious mind, which does not see that you are okay now, still runs a program that wants to protect you from ever be exposed to the same situation again. The moment you see an elevator, this irrational fear comes back. What a great and instant learning, but of course, not very good, considering that you might need to go in an elevator every now and then.

Here, NLPlers identify your individual strategy, how you get so fearful, inside of you. How do you represent the picture of an elevator inside of you, the feeling of an elevator, what do you hear, what do you say to yourself.

Thus, we want to understand how the whole sensory input is utilised to create this fear in you.  Then, because we know how we can help you to change your inner representation, NLPlers are able to destroy the phobia in, may be, 30 minutes or less. Very fast, indeed.

I just talked about strategies for a phobia. Now, it is not that humans only have a certain number of strategies or internal processing programs. No way. We actually have a certain way or strategy in going about for what we do –  strategies for relationships, strategies for learning, strategies for math, parenting, sports, communication, sales, negotiation, marketing, wealth, poverty, shopping, networking, working, meeting people, happiness, eating, disease, creativity, relaxation, attention, shopping and fun.  Anything!!!

And NLP helps you to understand all those strategies. Wow, isn’t it great?

NLP is results orientated and flexible.

We are not interested in the slightest about what SHOULD work only what ACTUALLY works. Too many people do things and fail because they feel what they are doing should be the right thing. If it doesn’t work, in NLP, we would go a different route, and keep trying different ways until it works. Remember in NLP there is no failure, only feedback and flexibility is the name of the game. In NLP we are only interested in the results and giving people what they truly want from life.

Again, NLP is a user manual for the mind and to help you to achieve what you always wanted to achieve. Your own magnificence!!

Now, by the way, can you see any “program” in your mind that is outdated or doesn’t work anymore? Wouldn’t it be great if you find a way to update and eliminate your own limiting programs and may be others that you come across as well – just think anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and doubt?

And, while we are at it – do you know that you can create your future – today?

What will happen when I learn this? What’s in it for you when you learn NLP?

That is the easy part – you will become magnificent and tremendously successful.  How would it be for you, if you can:

Attract and have people like you, immediately
Explain your ideas in the client’s language – and become successful in client servicing
Influence others, without even talking?
Increase your sales and/ or income, by knowing, what’s your client’s or bosses internal strategy, what motivates them and how they make decisions?
Suddenly find personal strengths and create positive feelings in any situation
Generate new habits and behaviour to solve old problems and new challenges
Negotiate better contracts, close deals without buyers remorse
Become the leader you always wanted to be
Learn how to handle objections
Let go of negative emotions in an instant
And much, much more…….

Sure you understand this.

You can change, if you chose to. In fact, many of our participants became successful and they made their dreams come true.

So, send us an e-mail, now, if you are interested to know more.

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