What is NLP

Since you are interested about NLP, and what NLP is, and how you can learn NLP in Malaysia, allow me to give you a more detailed description.

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About NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.  It is the key so self-mastery.  It is leading yourself to expand your personality, to make a difference and to realize your true potential.

With NLP, you can become aware of the patterns of your thinking and behaviour and actions that make your experience what it is.  You can learn the patterns which work for you and which patterns you have learned over time that sabotage your success and which are outside of your conscious awareness.

NLP provides you with a chance to stand back and take stock of your work, and your life and decide if you like what you are getting.  If so, you can develop choices to have more of the same or even build on what you already have.

Alternatively, it can give you the awareness to recognize the unproductive patterns and do something about them.  This process of uncovering patterns both conscious but especially unconscious, is the heart of NLP.

In effect, it is how we have learnt to program ourselves, whether that be effective or ineffective through the way we think and speak (the Neuro and Linguistics) to get the results that we have right now.

If you, for example, know how you can manage your emotional state to feel confident and self-assured, when you need to, then you have a strategy that works for you.  And if you know how you bring yourself down and make yourself stressed then you begin to have the opportunity to make some new choices and get some new results.

Learning NLP means that you are getting the keys to your mind. To provide you with the ability to make changes at levels, that you couldn’t do before.

NLP is  The User Manual for the Brain.

Defining NLP

NLP – Some Easy Definitions

NLP is the Art and Science of Personal Excellence

NLP is and Attitude and a Methodology leaving behind a Trail of Techniques

NLP provides a User Manual for the Brain

With NLP, you can easily learn:

How excellent people do what they do!

How you can model this behaviour and use it over and over again!

How you can consistently get great results in every situation and whenever you need it!

How to manage your thoughts!

How to understand the people around you better! Their body language, their way of speaking and what it actually means!!