The Language and Behaviour Profile for Coaching

Welcome to understanding and triggering motivation through the Language and Behaviour Profile (LAB Profile) Programme “Words that Change Minds”.

Asia Mind Dynamics is the first company in Malaysia that offers The Language and Behaviour Profile for Coaching.  Andreas, the Lead Trainer, is one of only 17 Global Master Trainers of this tool.

The Language and Behaviour Profile is a tool derived from Applied NLP and it is a useful tool for coaching.

Coaching does not start when the client sits down in your office. It begins when you talk to the client over the phone. It is the brief coaching that takes place in the aisle of your office, around the water cooler or during the coffee- or lunch breaks.

Have you ever wondered how certain people get motivated, process information or make decisions? Would you like to know how to understand, predict and influence other people’s behaviour?

This program will give you tools to help you think about what you do and enable you to act with greater precision at your work with others.

Using the LAB Profile, you’ll be able to prevent and avoid many communication problems and move more decisively toward your goals.  Not only will you become of the results yourself, others will notice.

These tools will help you to improve or transform your ability to communicate and influence during your coaching sessions.

But only choose to take this programme if you are interested in understanding the behaviour of groups and people around you and you would like to know how to irresistibly influence them with your own words and behaviour:

You will learn:

How someone behaves in the future in a specified context;
If someone is a leader or a teamplayer;
How much change you can expose someone to;
How you can create an environment in which people accelerate;
How long someone stays in your organisation or hangs out with you;
When to promote someone to the next level;
How to motivate someone irresistibly;
What you need to do or say to convinced someone easily and effortlessly

In short – if you want to know, how someone gets motivated and maintains his or her motivation, the LAB Profile is a tool for you.

The LAB Profile starts of with a short set of questions. Soon, you will be able to understand and predict from someone’s words and behaviour how they behave and act in the future.

Quite simply, once you have learnt the skills to understand the LAB Profile of individuals and groups you can use these skills to immense effect in any situation where communication takes place to:
establish a deep level of rapport and communicate with anyone
take the pain out of implementing organizational change
shorten the sales cycle and guarantee customer satisfaction
design powerful marketing and advertising campaign
hire people who are motivated to perform
dramatically improve results in negotiation and litigation
adapt training and education programs to satisfy diverse need
increase self-knowledge and self-esteem