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Sales Training with NLP

Asia Mind Dynamics provides different Sales Training Programmes to companies. All of them are based on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)the Language and Behaviour Profile (Words That Change Minds), psychology and social behavioural science.

But please be aware that any Sales Programme can be tailored to your needs – contact us now for your initial conversation.

Our Stages to Sales Mastery Training in its current form covers all areas required to become a magnificent salesperson in any capacity:

We customize the training to our client’s needs and objectives.

Thank you very much for conducting the program on “NLP in Sales”. I found out it is very useful for my job. I can close sale for just in 10 minutes with foreigners who never know each other, but he decided to buy 3 products at the same time and say that “He is Lucky to meet me” and say “Thank You”. In fact, I just practice the lesson “NLP in Sales”. Thank you very much! My life is changing because of Your Training Program.

– Ms. Louk Chansidarey, Account Relationship Unit at Acleda Bank Plc

This program is useful for me to communicate with clients and other people. And I like Andreas’ strategies.
Mr. Chrang Chanpros, General Manager of Tan Brothers Auto Co., Ltd

NLP in Sales

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