Certified NLP Coach Practitioner

Certified NLP Coach

This NLP Coach Training is recognised by the Coaching Division of the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) and Asia Mind Dynamics is a recognised institute to train Certified NLP Practitioners from approved boards to become Certified NLP Coach Practitioners.

The Coaching Division of the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) board is the home to the worlds’ largest coaching community.

And the goal of the Certified NLP Coach Training by Asia Mind Dynamics is to equip you, the Certified NLP Coach Practitioner, to assist your clients to overcome their challenges and problems and guide them to their desired state.

On Day One of the training, you will get a complete understanding of the difference between traditional coaching, counseling, psychology, medical approaches and therapy, self-help and NLP Coaching. In addition, you will receive plenty of conversational frames that are useful during coaching situations.

However, there is more …..
You will receive coaching forms and a set of questions to move your clients to their desired outcomes. In fact, you will receive all the questions and tools that we in Asia Mind Dynamics have developed over the years of coaching.

We in Asia Mind Dynamics want you to succeed and succeed dramatically with a headstart in the marketplace. We want your client to remember you positively, after they met you, and sign up with you. We have learned, through our own experience, that coaching is more than just talking, discussing or asking questions.

Your skills in NLP will allow you to provide tools to your client, that no other party can bring to the table, and you will be able to make real lasting changes to your clients.

On Day Two of the training, you will learn how to market yourself with our own unique methodology. How to become a really outstanding NLP Coach and which pathway to take to create your success as Certified NLP Coach.

Because you deserve to succeed and Asia Mind Dynamics is the only company in Malaysia that offers a module on market positioning for coaches.You see, we have realised that while NLP Practitioners are really outstanding in working with clients and help them to get over issues and problems, many NLP Practitioners simply don’t know how to market themselves.

This module is open for all Certified NLP Practitioners who want to learn how to become outstanding Certified NLP Coaches, and who meet certain Standards of Excellence.

Watch this YouTube Video to get more insight into our Certified NLP Coach Practitioner Course.
And here, on this page, you can find a whole series conducted via FaceBook Livefeeds about coaching, and not just NLP Coaching.

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