Weight Loss Coaching

Weight Loss Coaching

If you have enough of talking about weight loss,  weight reduction, obesity, dieting, medicine, Herbal Medicine, try Hypnotherapy and Weigh Loss Coaching with Asia Mind Dynamics. Or choose to join us in a Weight Loss Workshop.

You know the words. You have heard them all. Most likely, you have tried them all. But if you are like the rest of us, all these approaches might have worked a little, but after a while, your weight came back.

You might be frustrated, angry, or astonished, that nothing works.  May be you have come to terms already and started to justify your weight.

But deep inside, in the middle of the night or in front of the mirror, you might still wish to achieve the so called “dream weight”.

Delicious Food
Delicious Food

It is hard to lose weight, if you try to do it consciously. By taking medication or working out only.

And it doesn’t help that all the food around you is so incredibly delicious.

Because there are limiting beliefs deeply buried inside of you that don’t allow you to succeed. These limiting beliefs are embedded in your Unconscious Mind, the part of the mind, we are not aware of. And they will take care that you don’t lose weight, if you don’t change these limiting beliefs first.

You will not succeed if you don’t change your mind

But we know how hard it is to access this part of the mind. And even worse, how to make required changes last.

There are ways to do so:

Asia Mind Dynamics, Najwa Dorn Rustum, and Andreas Dorn are highly skilled in these tools and have helped hundreds of people through therapy and coaching to gain back skills to master their life. To make these people’s dream come true.

We have now decided to do two different things:

Weight Loss Coaching

If you prefer to work with us on a one-to-one basis, yes, we can do this too. But you must take the initiative now, and contact us immediately, in order to get started toward your dream-weight.

Contact details are below, so pick up your phone now (+ (6) 012 – 287 5048), or send an email to andreas.dorn @ gmail.com.