Relationship, Communication and NLP | Relationship and Communication Coaching

Relationship, Communication and NLP

Relationship- and Communication coaching becomes important, when departments or individuals don’t get along with each other.

  • One person might ask for too much information, while another person doesn’t like to be that specific. Conflict is brewing;
  • One person needs to have some space by himself, while the organisation imposes an open-space environment. Conflict is brewing;
  • Some people just like to focus on what goes wrong, while others prefer to focus on the outcomes, benefits and solutions. Conflict is brewing;
  • One person might be perceived as being too abrasive, aggressive and in the face of others, while he or she just wants to get things done. Conflict is brewing;

There are many other possible examples, when relationships in organisations break.

Impact of the Breakdown

Solving Conflicts through NLPConflict happens, because people perceive their environment differently and make different interpretations about what is going on.

The challenge for you is that if nothing is done about it, a department might spiral into a crisis. Employees might leave, because they don’t feel taken care of. And you don’t want to lose your high performers because of something that can easily be overcome.

The worst case is when employees have shouting matches in the aisles and the conflict gets grows into a constant battle.

What can NLP do?

NLP has a way of decoding these situations and assist individuals, departments or companies to not only understand their issues and conflicts, but provides insight on how to deal with these situations and overcome problems and challenges to create team alignment and an engaged workforce.

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