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Leadership with NLP – Introduction

Companies need trainers, facilitators and performance developers that have successfully operated in the corporate world and interacted at all corporate levels from CEOs and Directors, to frontline staff.

You also want someone who knows what it takes to engage your leaders – senior and more junior -, so that your leaders can incorporate the newest learning in a manner that respects their knowledge, skills and expertise.

Andreas Dorn of Asia Mind Dynamics is meeting these requirements and is keen on cooperating with you in your leadership development programmes for your company.

Leadership with NLP – Creating The Right Mindset

Everybody needs to be a leader nowadays and needs to wear multiple heads. But too many employees still fail to make a successful transition to becoming a leader. And once a leader, they often fail to acquire the ability to manage and engage smaller and larger teams, and often get more busy with the tasks instead of leading and engaging people.

Leaders need to show up as leaders, behave as leaders, embed the beliefs and values of a leader and be enabled to lead many different types of communication styles.

People always say, it is hard to change mindsets, but if you understand how the mind works, it actually is an easy skill.

Asia Mind Dynamics uses tools derived from the science of the mind (Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), NLP Coaching, Language and Behaviour Profile, Persuasion and Influence,  to help you and your organisation transform the way your leaders and managers think, feel and perform at work.

Our Performance Development Programmes are practical, experiential, “mind-blowing”, simply, and easy to apply in the day after the training.  

We identify and change attitudes, align values within the organisation and departments, drive your vision, and build the belief of your leaders and managers in their abilities.

We transform how your people think about themselves, others, and their work and projects.

We create engaged employees, and leaders, and enable your organisation and your teams to drive and enjoy change, communicate more effectively, and work more efficiently.

All of this will allow you to give you the competitive advantage that you need in times like this.

If you are ready, we are.

Are you ready to change minds with us? Contact us now, for a consultive meeting, on how we can work together to make your dreams come true!



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