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Our Master Classes

The prerequisite to participate in this course is the successful completion of the:

NLP Practitioner

Time Line Therapy(®) Practitioner

NLP Coach Practitioner

Our Certified Master Classes are of the highest standards and quality and we will only accept your participation if you are able to meet our requirements.

If you have not been trained by Asia Mind Dynamics, we would require you to submit your Certified NLP Practitioner and Certified Time Line Therapy(®) Practitioner certifications to us. In addition, we would need to know the trainer’s name.

Please be aware that we might invite you for a conversation with us which will enable us to get a better insight into your personality, skills, and knowledge.

Upon successful completion of the Master Courses, you receive the following certifications:

NLP Master Practitioner

Master Time Line Therapy(®) Practitioner

NLP Master Coach

Certified NLP Master Practitioner

Since Najwa and I are from different Internationally recognised NLP Boards, we have combined and included some of the different tools. This means that in fact, you experience two different trainings and training styles in one training of 16 days.

Additionally, we put our own style to the training, the style, which has created so many powerful success stories, as you can see from our YouTube Channel.

Overview of the Course Curriculum of our Master Classes in NLP, Time Line Therapy(®) and NLP Master Coaching

When you attend our Master Classes, you  learn:

NLP Master Practitioner

It is one of the best tools that you can get. This was the tool I used to help a participant in a conference to “get over” her belief that she cannot present to the board of directors due to her age. When I applied some patterns, should first looked puzzled, then confused which followed by a HUGE smile and the statement: “I actually don’t think of it as a problem anymore!!! I can present now. How is that possible?” And a former practitioner and trainer friend of ours, upon learning this tool, wrote down a list of all his limiting beliefs and ran them through these patterns.  Successfully.

Just one quick story: When I worked with one participant in Australia on his money problems, I was able to bring him back from the brink of bankruptcy to having a clear vision of solvency and future in just one exercise – Shifting his values became most beneficial to him.