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What Is NLP – Presentation TO BNI Malaysia


NLP in Malaysia. What is NLP? I am a member in BNI or Business Network International, the world's largest referral institute. Once a year, I can present my business to my friends and business partners. It is a short presentation and designed to help them understand my business better and find referrals for me. This [...]

What Is NLP – Presentation TO BNI Malaysia2020-05-20T00:11:02+00:00

Creating Friendships Through NLP


Creating Friendships Through NLP. We in #AsiaMindDynamics like to hang out with out students to get to know them better. What better way than to share a great breakfast and lunch together (and sometimes even dinner). It is about getting to know the students, their issues, dreams, challenges and thoughts about anything and everything. Aside [...]

Creating Friendships Through NLP2020-03-05T09:17:31+00:00

Can You Cope With Feedback?


How Well Are You Able To Provide Feedback? Or to receive feedback Do you like feedback? Do you really like it? Serious? Most people, especially in the corporate world, say, that they like feedback, but honestly ..... do you really? Isn't it true that more often than not, we actually prefer to hear what is [...]

Can You Cope With Feedback?2020-02-20T03:30:06+00:00

NLP – Change Made Easy | By Asia Mind Dynamics


Change Made Easy. I wrote an article about this for the Tad James Company, way back in 2014. But it is as actual today as it was in 2014. It is about NLP or Neuro Linguistics Programming or NLP. I describe how I came across the idea of change in my life and how the idea [...]

NLP – Change Made Easy | By Asia Mind Dynamics2020-05-20T00:10:04+00:00

“Can NLP Be Used For Manipulation?” | Part 2


Is NLP manipulative? In this 2 part series, Adriana James of NLP Coaching stated, that, if NLP is manipulative, all the methodologies from which it is derived are manipulative as well. (find Part 1 here) Tad and Adriana James of ABNLP This would include Family Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, or Hypnotherapy.  So these fine tools for [...]

“Can NLP Be Used For Manipulation?” | Part 22020-05-20T00:09:01+00:00

Can NLP Be Used For Manipulation? | Part 1


Adriana James in her website NLP Coaching for the Tad James Company wrote a 2-Part Article answering the question: “Can NLP be used for manipulation.” Here is Part 1 of the article: From time to time we read articles on different websites that talk about NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) as being used against us, the viewers, readers [...]

Can NLP Be Used For Manipulation? | Part 12020-05-20T00:09:29+00:00
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