Written Testimonials

There is nothing more rewarding than to receive testimonials from participants, or hear about their achievements after the training. But we need to caution you all a bit, so please read the disclaimer first.


We thank our participants for their great testimonials. Please be aware however, that we cannot guarantee specific results for you when you participate in our training and that the results can vary, from participant to participant.
But I am sure you understand this, and please feel free to contact us if you want to discuss your story with us before you sign up for the Certified NLP and Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Course.

Written Testimonials following our Certified NLP Practitioner Programmes

Gina Ee, Clinic Owner in Kuala Lumpur, September 2016


Janice Ong-Ze, Certified NLP Practitioner 2013

Asia Mind Dynamics - Certified NLP Practitioner

David Fingerote, International Education Consultant, November 2015

David Fingerote, Written Testimonial
David Fingerote, Written Testimonial

Lynnette G. Christie, HR Director and Corporate Trainer, MNC Malaysia September 2015

Testimonial by Lynnette G. Christie, September 2015
Testimonial by Lynnette G. Christie, September 2015

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Mock Phoi Ching, Bazi Consultant

Mock Phoi Ching, Bazi Consultant
Mock Phoi Ching, Bazi Consultant



Jess O’Kelly, Educator

“Both of you share your compassion and experiences making the whole experience more meaningful than I ever expected. It was the personal touch, the way you knew when certain people would benefit from working with you personally. It showed how much you cared about us as people, not just clients.”

Lester Seouw and Alice Ng Pei Sze, Public Mutual Investment Consultant

“Great workshop and great to be able to have the time to ask questions, digest information, and practice, all under the careful and watchful guidance of Andreas and Najwa.”

A letter from Lester and his wife Alice, after reaching their dream of becoming the Top Consultants for Public Mutual in 2010:

“I love short-cuts. I always like to complete my work in the fastest speed possible and using the best possible know-how ways that suits me.

As you guys know, me and Lester are blessed in our career with Public Mutual. We are doing pretty well in the business and I wanted to make 2010 an awesome year for us. So, when we meet up with Andreas and Najwa in end December 2009, I was pretty excited to find out more about their NLP Programmes and want to know how they can more values or teach us to further excel in our business.

We told them we have very big goals in 2010 and we wanted to become Number 1 Unit Trust Consultants in Public Mutual and intend to “sway aay” half the national awards by Public Mutual in 2010.

With these ambitious goals in mind, we stepped into their NLP training in early 2010. And, when I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd baby, I started to have my butterfly stomach and wandering would it still be possible for us to accomplish our goals as declared above.

The training was an eye-opener for me personally and I love what I have learned from them.

After the training, me and Lester have been practicing with each other and our team members too.

The end result was amazing. Out of 6 Grand National Awards, we swayed 3 National Awards in 2010 and I have a little new addition – my 2nd baby boy Alden into the family too.

Great achievement and great day in 2010.

I am not sure whether all these accomplishments could be accomplished without Andreas and Najwa’s guidance.

And I am 100% certain that they have made the journey easier for me and Lester. As I said earlier, I love short-cuts and if the short-cuts can make my life easier, why not?

You know, many of us are already doing well and I believe all of you possess strong determination to excel in your business too. If you could explore with Andreas and of course best to step into his NLP Programs, I believe you will be surprised on how powerful is your mind and how far you could really go!

Last but not least, thanks to my wonderful mdind coach Andreas and Najwa. Thanks for making my journey easier. You guys are simply awesome.

Love, Alice

Michael Hawkins, Former General Manager of TNS (Market Research Company)

“Andreas has the enthusiasm for his subject that explodes into your subconscious mind and really makes NLP real for me. I recommend this training for everyone who already thinks that they are great – because they will realise just how much better they will be.”


HR Manager, Exxon Mobil

“Very passionate about the topics. Provides lots of real life examples.”

Life Coach, Malaysia

“It’s one of the best investments I have made in my life and I wish it was done earlier. I am so excited about the possibilities in the future,”

Malliga, CEO, Local Malaysian Company

“Very good presenter. Andreas made sure that all the trainees were included in all the discussions. I really enjoyed coaching and the learnings I have obtained tremendously.”

Wong Chen Xiang, Executive, MNC

Andreas has the genuine intention to ensure that all trainees get the most out of the training. You can be sure that you will get the best training as long as you are willing participate in the effort with the trainer. His enthusiasm and professionalism will take you to new heights.