Certified Hypnosis Practitioner

Certified Hypnosis Practitioner

The Certified Hypnotist Course by Asia Mind Dynamics is recognised by the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH).

The Certified Hypnotist or Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training is optional and part of our Advanced Coaching Package. It is optional, because not everybody wants to learn hypnosis, thus, covers only basic hypnosis techniques.

A prerequisite to join is your completion of at least a Certified NLP- and Timeline Therapy(TM) Training that meets our high standards of quality.

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After completion of this programme, you are not expected to do therapeutical work with your clients, as these two days are simply not enough to equip you with the respective skills.

However, in conjunction with the tools of NLP, and Timeline Therapy(TM), this Certified Hypnosis Practitioner Certification enhances your skills as outstanding and transformational coach.

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In these two days, you will learn:

  • History of hypnosis and why it is relevant to your knowledge as hypnotist and coach
  • The workings of the mind – beyond the conscious and the unconscious mind
  • Patterns of hypnosis
  • A multitude of suggestibility tests
  • How to prepare for trance – and a variety of suggestibility tests
  • A variety of Deepening techniques
  • Pendulum Work and how to use the Pendulum beyond hypnosis work
  • Types of Post-hypnotic suggestions
  • Guiding the client into different states of trance
  • And of course ….. something else, that no one else offers in the marketplace.

About Asia Mind Dynamics in the Hypnosis World

Asia Mind Dynamics is one of the few companies that combines a variety of different schools to enhance their teachings in Hypnosis.

Over the years, we have become:

  • Certified Trainer and Master Trainer of The American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH)
  • Master Trainer of the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (IACT)
  • A member of the Association of Practicing Hypnotherapists Malaysia (AHPM)

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As such, with us, you know you are in exceptional company to learn hypnosis.

Contact us now at [email protected] to learn more or call us at +6 012 287 5048.