Hypnosis Practitioner

Certified Hypnosis Practitioner

Experience two days of powerful hypnosis techniques.

You will learn:

  • History of hypnosis
  • The workings of the mind
  • Patterns of hypnosis
  • How to prepare for trance – and a variety of suggestibility tests
  • Deepening techniques
  • Pendulum Work
  • Post-hypnotic suggestions
  • And of course ….. something else, that no one else offers in the marketplace.

Are your ready for the next step?
Give us a call at 012-287 5048 (Andreas) or Najwa (012-3276 048) for an initial (free) consultation or send an email [email protected] . We would be delighted to sit down with you without any obligation and clearly discuss your requirements.

Hypnosis – Train the Trainer

Want to become a Trainer of Hypnosis, which means that you can train others to become Practitioners and Master Practitioners of Hypnosis, recognised by the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH)?

Andreas is the only residential trainer in Malaysia recognised by this board to do just this, and as such, contact us now to register immediately.