Coach Training

Coach Training becomes important as coaching becomes more and more common in organisations.  The challenge is – do you create the right coaches in your organisation equipped with the right tools to help you succeed?

Asia Mind Dynamics and Our Coach Training

Asia Mind Dynamics is a Certified NLP Coach Training Company and recognised by the Coaching Division of the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) .

This means that no matter if you send your staff to our Certified NLP Practitioner Training (public) or organise an in-house coach training, you can be assured that your aspiring coaches get the right skills and knowledge to start coaching tomorrow.

We started coaching companies and individuals with NLP in 2006, thus  were one of the first companies in Malaysia to do so.   And we enjoy doing this because we know that coaching is the future.

Many companies start looking for coaches to improve the performance of their people, so contact us today for an introductionary conversation on how a well designed NLP Coach Training can accelerate your business.