Executive Coaching With NLP

You, just like us, have probably heard many times that it is difficult to change behaviours, beliefs or values and the question of how much a coach really can achieve in a coaching situation.

Well, various studies have shown that coaching successfully assists organisations and individuals to overcome perceived problems, challenges and limitations to accelerate them to the next level of performance.

Creating change with NLP, hypnosis and Timeline Therapy Techniques is simply different and allows for rapid change.

Coaching Experience – Coaching With NLP

Since December 2006, Andreas has coached numerous individuals in organisations on their professional needs, e.g.:

Goals- and milestone setting
Career development and career transitions
Networking skills and how to relate to others
Communication skills and how to relate to others in organizational environment
Delegation skills and establishing of work-life balances
Career development and future clarity creation
Managing your team and collaborating with others
Presentation skills and how to overcome stage fright
Clients come from all areas smaller and larger companies, inclusive CEOs and/or upper management.
The confidential nature of coaching does not allow to mention names of coachees. Contact Andreas for more information at [email protected] or call 012-287 5048.