Career Coaching with NLP

Career Coaching with NLP:

Find That Job Through NLP.

  • So you graduated. You are ready to enter the corporate world. You are sitting in front of your laptop, wondering, how to reach out to these companies. How to get that job and what to do to ace the interview.

It is here where we can help you:

  • Prepare your Resume. Use NLP to influence the interviewer to consider your application.
    • Understand your writing style
    • Address the interviewer correctly
    • Make them aware of you through an influential cover letter as well as resume.
    • Structure your resume so they feel enticed to invite you
    • And much more
  • Ace the Interview. Use NLP to influence the interviewer and increase your chances to get that job
    • How to greet the interviewer
    • Manage interviewer questions powerfully well
    • Answer questions the right way
    • Manage areas that you don’t want to talk about
  • Follow Up the Right Way.  Once you have completed the interview, the work really starts.
    • Your steps after the interview

Career Transitioning With NLP

Imagine you have worked many years in your organisation and than one day, someone says that it is the end of the road.

Career Coaching with NLP
NLP Career Coaching

No job for you anymore.

When you are lucky, you get some funding from the company, or a coach, to prepare you to the next career step

No job for you anymore.

When you are lucky, you get some funding from the company, or a coach, to prepare you to the next career step.

Contact us now, when you are interested in our assistance to:

  • Analyse Your Achievements. You have  achieved something in your job but you need someone who can extract that specific knowledge from your mind. We have done this many times, and it assists you to stand out from the sea of other applicants. No matter what job you were in, you have achieved something and that something can bring you to the next job. And no, it is not your responsibilities of your former job that are required.

Your Next Promotion, Easier With NLP

You get promoted and it is daunting. Yesterday, you managed tasks and you worked and cooperated with your team mates, now you might have to manage them. A new job, a promotion requires you to:

  • Delegate differently
  • Plan your tasks differently
  • Manage your deadlines differently
  • Manage upwards, sidewards and downwards
  • And much more

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Asia Mind Dynamics has years of experience in Career Coaching. In fact, we were there, before we opened Asia Mind Dynamics in 2005. We experienced the service of a career coach and often work with Outplacement Companies in their requirements. We have helped 100s of people, from CEOs to Call Center Employees to manage their career transition at many occasions. Tap our experience to accelerate your job transition now.