Becoming A Coach

Many participants in our Certified NLP Practitioner Training in Malaysia ask us, what does it take us, to become a Certified NLP Coach.

I mean, it is the logical step, right? You are a Certified NLP Practitioner and plan to go to the next level, and become a NLP Coach.

What many don’t realise is that while in the NLP Practitioner Training, you learn the tools of NLP, you are not yet an “officially recognised NLP Coach”, whatever that means. Yes, you learn how to help others to get rid of their problems and to design their life, but there is so much more to coaching. And this cannot  get covered in just one day of coach training.

Even our 2-days Certified NLP  Coach Practitioner Training is not always answering all the questions, that our Certified NLP Practitioner have.

As such, Asia Mind Dynamics decided to create this series on coaching and what does it take you to become a great coach who can succeed in the coaching business. Not only here in Malaysia, but succeed as a coach, anywhere in the world.

Watch, and enjoy!!

Coaching In Malaysia - Interview With Coach Robert D. Hamilton


Coaching In Malaysia - Charging For Your Services


Coaching In Malaysia - Beliefs Of Great Coaches


Coaching In Malaysia - The Dangers Of Coaching


Coaching In Malaysia - Identify Your Area Of Coaching


Coaching In Malaysia - Why Do You Want To Be A Coach